Does the tree forgive the woodcutter?

Does the deer forgive the hunter?

Does the mountain forgive the miner?

Can I forgive myself?


Where did I get such disdain for the common people?

those, who have been called ‘the teaming masses’

those less educated, less discerning

those that I was taught I was better than?


Can I, will I befriend myself as I recover

from end-stage Empire, endless growth, commodification

earth-destroying global market capitalism,

Western, so-called, civilization?


Really? REALY? me-‘better than’ – ha!

incest survivor, not yet healed from the childhood trauma

of a father dying and the shattering of a family…

So disdainful of myself!

Just writing this- confession, is a step

Befriending myself, and all my relations

as I learn belonging;

to earth

to Life

It may take the rest of my life, but

I can feel the third chamber of my heart

growing, responding to the call of

the Great Mother


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