Come, Enter Expectantly into the Darkness

Come,  come all you who are weary and frightened,

come into the darkness


all who seek wholeness.

in this dark time

We feel the chill and danger–the bleakness of our world

as illusions crumble.

The dance of life seems to have led us 10 steps backward

the way forward obscured

the possibility of dancing at all called into question.

Come, come willingly into the darkness,

not the darkness of despair,

the darkness of the seeds waiting underground

the darkness of the earth’s womb.

Come, wait awhile, come rest awhile

allow  yourself to be bewildered


Enter the darkness expectantly

hoping to be shown a way where there is no way

something new,  not yet born

allow yourself to receive the blessings of darkness

rest, comfort, solace

be prepared for the unexpected, unanticipated, unknowable…

Come, into the darkness

so we may bless one another

calling each other to ripeness

May our rage and grief

bodies bent over

be transformed into


readiness to receive

as Mary did

the favored status of fire in our belly

Blessed be the warriors of love!

What comes next is beyond imagining

prolonged arduous, communal labor

birthing a more perfect union

a better failure

a confereation of peoples

a comonwealth of neighborhoods

a more perfect revelation of the Kin-dom.

Come, dear ones,

Enter expectantly into the darkness.




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