The Gospel of the Givers and Takers

images-6Once and always there was the Light, and since that is all there was, it was as if all was darkness. The Light that is also Not- Light is in the depths of all that is. What we call light in this realm is but a mere shadow of that.  This Light that was also darkness, is pure potentiality, pure love, all possibility and endless regenerative energy. What we call energy in this realm is a mere shadow of that.

When the universe was evoked from the Light that is also Not-Light, a great flaring forth occurred, an outpouring that was also an in-pouring, and an enormous explosion of energy came into being.  Indeed in that instant all the energy that exists in this realm, in this event we call the universe, was created, and no new energy has since been created. It has seemed as if this energy is endless because the universe is so vast, vast beyond all human imagining.

For the longest time, an eternity of time, the energy coalesced here, and then there until eventually atoms formed, then molecules then clouds of molecules, then stars and galaxies were born,  as some are still so doing. Some stars grew and grew, burning more and more brightly until within them new versions of energy were formed, new combinations of atoms became molecules never before seen. Heavy with new possibility, these giant stars exploded in firey self-sacrifice, the dissolution of themselves allowing new forms to come into existence.  The giant stars exploded and the dust full of these new forms gradually coalesced to form planetary systems revolving around new stars.  This, seemingly violent expansion followed by contraction, happened and is still happening, as new stars and planetary systems form.

Our very own Earth and our star, we call the Sun, were formed thus. For eons our Earth was a piece of molten rock, slowly cooling as it circled endlessly round the Sun, and as it did so something new came into existence, a new combination of atoms formed water and it rained for a million years, helping to cool the planet.  All the water that came into existence on Earth then is all there is, no new water has been created since.

Many eons after that, what we call life came into being. One way of distinguishing life from the other form of being is that up until that instant there had been creating and giving, and now there was taking and reproduction. What we call life was able to take the energy of others, freely given or not, and use it to create more of itself.  Thus the Givers and the Takers came into existence. Before that moment only Givers existed, those beings were all that was. Now there were two kinds, Givers and Takers were created both as different, though still part of the all.

It is the nature of all that is, that when something new comes into existence it grows out of what was, so that it has what was, buried within it.  Thus all that came into existence, all the Givers have what can be called a forth dimension, an interiority that is connected to the Light that is also darkness, pure potentiality, pure love, and all possibility… and likewise deep within the Takers, in their hearts lies a Giver, the impulse to love and give, to share their very essence without gain for themselves. Deeper, still, lies the forth dimension, an interiority that connects to the infinite energy, pure love and all possibility of the Light that is also Not-Light.

Our Sun, for instance, is a Giver.  Givers are not capable of any action but giving. They have the potential of creating, but completely linked to the dissolution of their very being. Our Sun burns 4 million tons of itself every second, creating heat and light and sending it out, bestowing it indiscriminately.  All the energy that fuels life on Earth comes directly or indirectly from the Sun, this gorgeous burning generosity, this brilliant self-sacrificing being around whom we orbit.

What we call life, the Takers- yes even plants, captures energy, ingests it and makes more of itself, grows bigger and reproduces other beings that are more of itself. Plants first invented the capacity to do this by directly capturing the photons the Sun creates and sends out.  Animals then invented the capacity to eat plants and/or other animals to get the energy stored there to grow and to procreate. It is the very nature of what we call life to do so.  It is a curious thing that built into life, Takers, is the capacity to create something new and different, at least, slightly different from themselves, most often as a response to something outside of themselves, such as a change in the environment, but also in response to radiation altering something on the genetic level. However, even more astonishing, Takers also have the capacity to respond on the very deepest level, to grow, change, evolve toward greater complexity, diversity and a greater capacity for awareness and self awareness or what is called consciousness, which appears to come both directly and indirectly from the fourth dimension, the interiority that all beings have, the direct connection to the infinite Light and energy that is the ground of all being. It is as if a desire was placed in the very heart, of Takers to give back all that we take and then some. This is the desire to be more like a Giver, and an attempt to be more like the Source from which all is evoked.

Thus, we, who are takers live in the middle of a paradox; we must take in order to live, we must take in order to reproduce, and deep inside of us lives a giver, who gives freely, who can do none other than give. Deeper still, in the interiority that connects us to Source, the realm of all possibility, we experience the pain of taking, along with the joy of giving, knowing beyond words that the creativity we are able to express into the world comes from this very joy and pain commingled! Thus we come to understand in our depths that the circle of Life contains both death and birth, taking and giving and also requires a Holy balance of these that we can only accomplish by returning again and again to Source.

So be it.