Carolina wren update!

Not only did the wrens survive, but I was lucky enough to witness the fledging of the 3 little wrens week ago Monday! What an amazing adventure life is. I hear the adult male frequently every day when I am here. I had to be away for a whole week (sigh), but have been back now for 3 days. Yesterday I saw the little wren clan; just flashes of that rich cinnamon color whizzing by from  forsythia bush to pear tree!. I think I saw all 5 of them, definitely 4 anyway… Does the whole family hang out together? for how long?Is it just the mother and young ones or do both parents continue to be involved? We actually know so little about bird behavior.

I have reclaimed the porch, and the little flower garden right off it. There are now herbs and tomatoes and some broccoli planted in with the ivy and the waning hyacinths and daffodils. The late blooming Korean lilac guards the little plot and perfumes the air with its intoxicating scent, ahhh…

One of the four eggs in the wren’s nest did not make it. What happened to it? Did a blue jay or some other critter get it? As mentioned earlier I learned that even chipmunks are omnivorous and will occasionally eat bird’s eggs or even nestlings! We do have plenty of chipmunks around. Or was the egg inviable and disposed of by the parents. Can a wren dispose of its own egg?  The mysteries of bird life abound!



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