The Seasons Flowing Backward

2016-01-30 13.39.30This April blizzard is giving me the sensation of time flowing backward. At the end of February we had summer weather; it was so warm and sunny that I went about my daily chores and wanderings in a tee-shirt. Then its been a mix of late to early spring weather throughout March and now a blizzard. Here on Back forty Farm the snow is accumulating at an alarming rate, and the weather report claims that the thermometer will go down to 21 degrees F tonight! Yikes! I fear for the fruit trees in blossom and for the farmers… And I am glad we got our asparagus snuggly tucked into the ground last evening. The peas are simply loving this weather, and the garlic doesn’t mind either. I wonder how the rhubarb is faring?! In fact, there is some we dug up and have not yet replanted- perhaps I should put them in the basement or barn for safe keeping!

Weird and scary even though its beautiful. Prayer warriors needed for all the local farmers and their employees.


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