The Fullness

I went looking for the moonrise this evening. Jumped in the car and went madly roving up roads that seemed like they might offer an unobstructed view to the east. Finally went back past our street along Cheyney Road to the open field of Squire Cheyney Farm Park     and there it was, a huge round peach of a moon, the color of which I’ve never seen before. Orange, silver and yellow- but peach?!! That creamy pinkish gold color that delights like no other! Tears of gratitude sprang to my eyes, as I gazed; smiling till my jaws ached.

Cars rushed by. I wanted to shout at them to stop, stop and look at his incredible, awesome, gorgeous full moon! STOP! your missing it!!! None, did… There will be moon shadows and moon dancing tonight. Moon bathing, anyone? I have a friend in the city that has a tiny little “balcony” that’s really the fire escape from her 2nd floor apartment. She and her hubby, on warm summer nights sometimes lie down out there and moon bathe, if the moon is full.

The morning was a bit dull, the sun didn’t really come out until almost noon. But I went looking for signs of ramps (wild leeks) and found two more patches in the woods by the west side of the house. Then I lost one; for the life of me could’t find those little green spikes breaking through the leaves again. Ah, well… I’ll be able to see them when they get bigger, hopefully! Though, as they grow, the forrest fills in with leaves and much gets obscured! We shall see!

I stopped by a small farm I’d noticed on Rt 926 just past Goose Creek. There was a sign out saying eggs for sale! It’s called IMBY (In My Back Yard) at Misty Hollow. They only had 2 dozen for sale and I bought one. Also some peachsauce (like applesauce) and tomato paste made by Sally. I wanted to ask if the eggs were pastured, but did not. Jim is the master gardner. They are taking a sabbatical from their CSA this year, but fortunately still sell eggs! I hope to get to know them better. What a find!


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