The Boot

boot-stamping-on-a-human-face-1The same BOOT that is crushing the life out of Black lives, is crushing all life on this planet, even unto the extent of crushing the breath out of the planet itself. This BOOT holds down women, poor folks, People of Color, indigenous people… AND destroys the souls of those who wear it. This BOOT is a product of, if not synonymous with Empire. In its current iteration Empire is epitomized by Wall Street and the economic and social system that fosters rapacious consumption and exploitation of anything and everything- demanding new and increased profits; weekly, daily, hourly. Although it has counterparts in every country, this version of Empire is captained by the US, where the government is now openly bought and sold to the highest bidder.

In the US, our cardinal sin is racism. It is the reason, ultimately that every social reform movement has failed; for people divided will always be defeated! We must no longer cooperate with the BOOT. Resistance is imperative as we also build the new social and political structures that heal and regenerate rather than consume, wound and destroy. Racism must be acknowledged and repudiated in all movements oriented toward ending systematic oppression along with whatever else is their goal or mission.

In the  Christian Bible, this Empire is, perhaps, described most accurately as a seven-headed beast. Empire and it’s BOOT, have and have had a shape-shifting quality that has fooled us over and over again into complacency. While human beings have created Empire, and have seemed to recreate it over and over again, once created it seems to take on a life of its own, building power and convincing us that it is inevitable and even necessary. For those of us who receive the benefits and privileges of White Supremacy, whether we want to or not, whether we are aware of it or not- Take off the BOOT! Throw it away and let it rot on the the compost pile of history. Let it burn on the proverbial Gahenna! Then repent, turn around; come home, come home to the Kin-dom, to Beloved Community, where your soul can be restored and you can see with new eyes. Those who have had the BOOT pressed down on their windpipe, will  be revealed as the brothers and sisters we have longed for, as the leaders we have denied.

Beware!… Be aware of the fingerprint of Empire on all that we do- especially those things that we assume are our own freedoms operating.



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