Life Bursting Forth

A heat wave has settled upon us and what seemed like a too early forced blooming has turned into full blown early summer! A few days ago I saw a butterfly and was afraid for its life, having seen only one very early lesser celandine flower blooming. I had forgotten about the 100 or so snow drops that have been up for at least a week or two. But now there is a whole bush of tiny white flowers, periwinkle and croci blooming as well. And the maple tree by the porch is just about to bust into those little red blossoms. If I ventured into the woods I might find s few spring beauties, even.


This morning is truly stunning! I just sit on the porch and look and listen with my jaw dropped. The geese alone, wave after wave of them this morning… One flock of them nearly 200 strong(!) thronged across the open sky in 3 successive v-ish formations momentarily drowning out the symphony of the other birds. Cardinals singing their hearts out, Carolina wrens calling out “tea kettle, tea kettle, Tea!” and a chorus of other birds…

The Bluebirds are checking out the new boxes we put up on Monday and there is definitely activity around the little birdhouses  closer to the house, too. I saw the butterfly again and didn’t worry,  at least a week of this delicious (tho’ a bit scary!) warm weather is predicted. I have turned off the heat and open the screens; its 81 degrees F outside! on March 9, 2016.

Caught a glimpse of the red squirrel on Monday. It had taken up residence in the barn, but was scared witless when we intruded. Didn’t seem to have a quick escape route. I have not seen it since, but know its around- most likely in the woods behind the barn. The grey squirrels are doing their spring acrobatics and the resident chipmunk was out with the birds this morning under the bird feeder stuffing its cheeks with black sunflower seeds. Have not seen the fox/es in person but ki leaves scat regularly on the rock near the garden where I leave bones and scraps for its enjoyment and to supplement the nutrition for the growing kits inside the hopefully pregnant vixen in one of the burrows nearby.

“My life is not about me. I am about life.”  Richard Rohr


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