“When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
Mary Oliver

There is a lovely little chipmunk that flits under my feet occasionally  (if I’m still enough) while sitting on the porch. They are so shy otherwise that it always brings an involuntary smile to me face. So when I catch even a glimpse of something that could be one, I stop whatever I’m doing and pay attention. This morning before I was quite awake, I caught a glimpse of something small and fast out the dinning room window that looks out into the porch. I could feel the smile on my lips starting, as I turned to see better. Then my mouth fell open when what I saw was a Red Squirrel! It had a black walnut in its mouth and was headed for the tree around the corner. I gasped and turned to see it whisk up the pine tree where all the bird feeders hang.

What a gorgeous little creature! It was bigger than Chipmunk but only about half the size of the Grey Squirrels that I thought were the only kind we had around here. It was so bright and fast that a firecracker came to mind. I had never seen a Red Squirrel before!

As if that wasn’t enough to fill my day with amazement…

A few minutes later I was out on the porch filling up the recycling can to take down to the end of our drive since today is recycling day and I had neglected to put it out last night. As usual, I was facing southeast, looking out over the big pasture. Along came the fox, trotting out from the west side woods toward the sentinel Oak. I stopped and stood still to watch. When ki* was near the Oak, ki stopped and looked toward the house, then went on across the pasture into the east side woods. Lovely.

No sooner had the fox disappeared into the woods when farther up the pasture, away from the house, a deer bounds across from east to west! Then another and another, until I counted 7! A beautiful sight! (And all this before 8:30 AM. Thank goodness I didn’t stay in bed scrolling through FB, as I have been known to do!)

*“ki” is a word that has been recommended to replace “it” for living beings that are not human, by Robin Wall Kimmerer in this article for YES! magazine;
The plural for” ki” is “kin”.  I like this so much that I think we should replace he/she/it and them, with ki and kin, especially now as we struggle to find language for our transgender and gender queer relations.




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